What to Wear for Mom: Lifestyle Newborn Session

I get so many questions about what Mom should wear for a lifestyle newborn session. With a new baby and while recovering from childbirth, the key is comfort. You want to be able to snuggle up and love on your baby without worry about what you're wearing. Pulling from your maternity closet is a great way to go. Here's an example of a few outfits to help!

IF YOU LOVE PANTS: I almost always recommend leggings, maternity or not, whatever you have that you're still comfortable in. They can give an "elevated loungewear" look to your session - you are hanging out at home after all! 

FABRICS: Jersey is super forgiving, and most maternity tops will look great in your newborn photos. Tunics and dresses look chic layered over leggings, and consider layered pieces for a cozy but covered look. Your favorite maternity dress is a great option especially layered over leggings too. Make sure what you're wearing isn't scratchy or rough as you'll be doing a lot of snuggling!

COLORS: Prints or solids, it doesn't matter. Avoid neon and super bright harsh colors (red, royal blue, bright green) as they might lay a color cast on your baby's skin, making them look unnatural. Soft colors always look nice but consider your skin tone before anything else.

SHOES: Only if worn in the home. If you're a shoes-off house then go barefoot for a more natural look. Have some shoes you like on hand in case we head out to the front porch or yard for shots there.

MAKEUP: keep your makeup simple but wearing blush and mascara can help you look awake and refreshed in your photos. I love the shots of a mom lovingly gazing over her babies with eyelashes for days, so a little extra never hurts!

SUPPORT: Your newborn photographer will always work to pose you in the most flattering way for your postpartum figure but if you're concerned with support, consider a support garment, available online. I personally wore just regular spanx and felt comfortable and more like myself, which is always appreciated when being photographed. 

(Here are some examples 1 / 2 / 3)

ASK FOR HELP: If you have questions or can't seem to put an outfit together, pull out a few options and ask your photographers opinion when they arrive at your house! The goal is to make you as comfortable as possible in your own home so that we can capture those amazing shots and the last thing you want to worry about is your clothing.

OVERALL: Overall what you wear for your lifestyle newborn photography session is about comfort, and in the end the part that really matters is letting your love and new family shine through. There are no wrong choices, as long as you're comfortable and cozy, that's all that matters!