Paris & Amsterdam | PERSONAL

This summer, my wonderful husband and I had an amazing chance to travel to Europe for my best friends wedding. We took the opportunity to explore two amazing cities, spending two days in Paris, and four in Amsterdam. It was incredible.

The two days we spent in Paris were mostly spent walking around. In total we walked over 50 miles in two days according to my Fitbit! We saw so many amazing sites and fell in love with the mass transit system. My favorite part was exploring the Latin Quarter, just across the Jardin de Luxembourg from where we stayed. Here are some of my favorite photos from Paris.

We traveled to Amsterdam from Normandy after my friends wedding and were instantly in love. Everything I was looking for, I found it in Amsterdam. We enjoyed Paris but both agreed that Amsterdam was a dream. Even though it rained on us almost the entire time (and HARD) it was a fantastic place to stay. We were in the Canal districts, very close to Jordaan and walked the loops of the canals over and over. Our third day we took a trip to The Hague but ended up coming back to Amsterdam pretty soon due to the weather. Seeing the old buildings of Amsterdam leaning towards the canal  and walking through all the different areas with distinct styles was something I'll never forget.