Baby Carbon's Hospital Birth | Seattle Natural Birth Photographer

This baby boy sure took his sweet time to get here, and he arrived with a bang! His mother,  Jasmine was on the cusp of two weeks late when I finally got the late night call to come to the hospital with contractions moving pretty quick. Just a few short hours later, with a little bit of delivery drama, he arrived! Jasmine was a rockstar, during her short but intense labor. Not that you'd know she just had a baby - look at her! Such a stunning family. Baby is still unnamed, but I know he'll end up with a great one. Congrats, Benn and Jasmine! He's perfect.

Thank you for allowing me to be your birth photographer in Seattle, WA. 

If you’re interested in Seattle/Tacoma Area Family or Portrait Photography, please contact me  as soon as you can. I'm currently booking through 2014 for portrait sessions and 2015 for births of all kinds.  “Like” me on Facebook leave a comment below if you enjoyed the photos!! 

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