My Best Friends Birth | Welcome Atlas | Seattle Area Birth Photographer

Every birth is an honor, but photographing your best friend's birth is nothing short of amazing. Little Atlas certainly didn't want to come earth side, in fact, he was evicted at exactly forty two weeks and born into a room filled with love, right on his living room floor! Astrid's midwives arrived bright and early to break her water and give their desired home birth one last chance at happening. I took the role of photographer and friend, walking up and down Astrid's Seattle neighborhood as things slowly intensified. Just 6 hours after things started, Atlas Constantine was born! I love birth photography and all it's raw power and I especially love this one, and everyone in it. Congratulations, my sweet friends.

Thank you for allowing me to be your birth photographer in Seattle, WA. 

If you’re interested in Seattle/Tacoma Area Family or Portrait Photography, please contact me  as soon as you can. I'm currently booking through 2014 for portrait sessions and 2015 for births of all kinds.  “Like” me on Facebook leave a comment below if you enjoyed the photos!! 

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